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Location: Sandler Training 4824 NW Gateway, Riverside, MO 64150
November 8th, 2013
8:00 am - 10:00 am

Sandler Training Maximize LinkedInMaximize LinkedIn

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November 8th, 2013

8:00 am - 10:00 am

Sandler Training Kansas City
4824 NW Gateway,
Riverside, MO 64150




Does this thought process and scenario sound familiar...

If you're like most on LinkedIn, and Conan O'Brien to the right here, you set up a profile because someone told you that it was necessary if you were in business. So now you have a network of hundreds of people, but it doesn't come close generating any actual business for you. 

"I don't really know this person whose asking me to connect, but they might have someone in their network that could be a big potential customer."  So you click accept and then never look through their 500+ connections to find that "big whale" you were hoping would be there.  Even if you did find him/her, what then?  "Excuse me [insert name here], I don't know you, but can you introduce me to your connection number 378?  I'd like to try and sell something to her."

Even if you’re using it as an effective research and social media tool, ask yourself... “How do I use it as a PROACTIVE (NOT PASSIVE) prospecting tool, to actually set appointments with my target prospects that I don’t know yet, but would like to meet?”



Ready to take your prospecting to a new level?

If you want to learn how to systematically used LinkedIn to significantly impact your business, make plans to attend this special 2-hour workshop.

This session is designed to show you not only how to utilize LinkedIn as a powerful, proactive prospecting tool, but also as a way to get introductions to hard-to-reach decision makers and actually set appointments with new prospects in your calendar each week.

Learn How To...

  • Put a system in place to make LinkedIn pay off for you
  • Make LinkedIn prospecting replace your cold calls
  • Gain successful introductions from your connections
  • Grow a significant LinkedIn presence and attract new prospects
  • Use the features of LinkedIn that will make you kick yourself for not knowing until now
  • Stop passively using LinkedIn and take control of the amount of introductions and referrals you get!



Mike MontaguePresented by Mike Montague

View Mike Montague's LinkedIn profileView Mike Montague's LinkedIn profile

Mike is our resident Internet Marketing & Social Media Expert. He has worked as the Promotions & Website Coordinator for Cumulus Radio Stations and the Chiefs Radio Network, and Internet Marketing Director at Ad Trends Advertising. He has consulted for several international franchises and hundreds of small businesses, and spoken to countless groups about maximizing social media and the rest of their Internet presence.

Mike is an associate at Sandler Training, where he provides training and coaching on management, sales and customer service. With over 230 offices in 28 different countries, Mike has collected LinkedIn prospecting best practices from around the world to share with workshop participants.


See what past participants have to say about attending Maximize LinkedIn:

"This was 2 hours well spent to receive practical steps on how to use LI for business development.  I gained a lot of knowledge about how I can use LI to leverage my network and build a new list of prospects. Money and time well spent!" -- Andrew Spottswood, Sr. Technology Consultant at Nuvodia

"The LinkedIn Seminar was very insightful and proved to be useful as a tool for prospecting.  I really enjoyed the section on how your profile should be built as that is often something that my prospects and networking partners view and it was a good reminder to make sure that I have that buttoned-up on my end.  I never realized that some of the search features existed and I immediately employed those when I returned to my office.  LinkedIn for me in the past has been a side item but this seminar helped me understand that it can play a more active and strategic role in my sales efforts." -- Brittney Hurst, Manager of Business Development at American Express

"The LinkedIn Boot-camp at Sandler Training provided everyone the technical aspects of LinkedIn, but reminded us about the "human factor" as well.  LinkedIn is simply a tool used to make a connection, and they demonstrated how it can be used not just to connect, but to engage.  I would recommend this class to anyone, regardless of their experience with LinkedIn."   -- Steve Alexander, CEO Space



Maximize LinkedIn is Friday, November 8th, 8-10am

Five Minutes With VitoInvestment: $149

Register now and get a FREE copy of Five Minutes With VITO to help you learn how to get and maximize appoinments with the Very Important Top Officer. Seating is limited to the first 25 registrations.

Sessions are held at Sandler Training, 4824 NW Gateway, Riverside, MO 64150. Leave your laptops at home and come prepared to discuss your challenges with using LinkedIn for prospecting...


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