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Quote This is what we have been looking for to take us from an Engineering and Technical company, which we are very good at, to a more sales focused and accurate communication culture. In the past we have treated sales as something that happens when we do everything else well. Through Sandler Training by Effective Sales Development, we have learned that good salespeople and good sales developers have a mindset and belief system that supports the sales and communication process. However, you must first determine what your company requires, which gives you the true sales position, identify your ideal client and set up the validation procedures to verify that the sales candidate in front of you can and will do the job specified. Your management life becomes much easier. We find that the process of evaluation, coupled with accountability by including managers in the training, is key for acceptance and implementation. I highly recommend your process for anyone who is unhappy with their current results or if they just want to raise the bar on current productivity. The process is not easy. As an owner, you and all your people have to be willing to look in the mirror and make some changes. This has been a great program for upgrading our organization and moving us from doing unpaid consulting to relationship and accountability selling to both our internal and external customers. Thank you. Quote

Skuli Gudmundsson, President, Occu-Tec Company

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Learn More To Earn More Workshop

Location: Sandler Training, 4824 NW Gateway, Riverside, MO 64150
March 8th, 2012
8:00 am - 10:00 am

Learn More To Earn More Workshop

The purpose of the briefing is to discuss challenges and develop solutions for the obstacles that you face when trying to sell, manage your sales team, and grow your business. The audience is a small group of sales professionals and business owners. The topics covered will be the greatest barriers to growing sales, why these things occur and some insights into how to overcome them.

Do You Find That You....

  • Need technical help in moving the sale forward?
  • Have self-limiting patterns that you just can't break out of?
  • Struggle to hold margins in negotiations with prospects?
  • Become too willing to consider lowering prices instead of selling value?
  • Spend too much time with non-decision makers?
  • Do a lot of "free consulting" with drawings, plans and proposals?
  • Leave valuable information with prospects only to find they won't make any decisions?
  • Follow inconsistent methodologies to get new clients - and get inconsistent sales results?

Sandler Training Presents: "Break The Rules, Close More Sales!"

When is it time to break the rules? John Nash’s Game Theory simply states: “If you are consistently getting beat at a game, then change the rules.” Set a course to meet goals and propel toward them. This workshop led by sales expert, Steve Montague, is an outline for improving sales productivity and guiding the sales team to outperform goals.

This 2 hour training event is a great way to catch a glimpse of the Sandler Training program in action, meet current class members, and discuss with the group what sales issues they are faced with in their company.

Put this event on your calendar and come away with insight as to how NOT having a systematic approach to grow sales puts you at a huge disadvantage to your prospect whom has a very powerful system designed to turn your salespeople into unpaid consultants.

Bring a guest with you that can also benefit from improving their sales process and receive a complimentary DISC profile and 2 more hours of training!

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